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Are You Ready For The Next Generation Of Web Design?

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New innovations in the mobile phone industry, such as 3G technologies and new handsets such as the iPhone, have led to an increase in so-called WAP website design. Small, low resolution screens, clunky interfaces, inadequate navigation and slow connection speeds are a thing of the past with this next generation of mobiles, and a shift in the way many web design companies look at the use of mobile web. But the question remains: How will this affect the future of web design? The mirroring of traditional design values with those for WAP are clear in more areas than one. For instance, many of the optimisation tactics deployed in desktop sites also apply here.

The submission of a mobile sitemap to search engines, well-positioned key content, outbound linking, adding your URL to directories and business listings, as well as keyword-rich page titles and metadata are essential for indexing purposes. Designers must ensure that their site’s navigation is easy to crawl through and efficiently coded. Layout is as much an essential component of design with mobile Internet as it is with traditional mediumsĀ  clear, crisp and concise.

Important Tips for an Effective Web Design

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Websites provide a virtual image of a business or individual to its prospective clients. So there’s a need for visually appealing websites with quality content to gain an edge over your competitors. An effective web design implies something unique yet special in its approach. A website provides an interactive gateway for communication between client and company. A website should fit any business like a well-tailored dress. It should reflect your persona in addition to instilling confidence in the potential buyer that yours is a solid, stable and reliable business. The more visitors that see your website, the better. To get optimum leads for your business, there are some of the important tips that should keep in mind for an efficient web design.

Identify the Goal of Your Website: Every website is created with a specific purpose. First of all decide the purpose of your website. Then create a strategic web design to achieve desired website goals.

Information organization:
A website should present all the information in an organized and sophisticated way. If your web page is obvious and self-explanatory it will make visitors more comfortable. An effective web design should have clear and understandable navigation. A visitor should feel at ease while using your website.

User friendly Web Design: A good web design should be graphically appealing to entice prospective clients to stay longer and browse your information. Good navigation should be provided so that customer can access any information on your website without confusion. Important areas should be highlighted to attract visitor’s attention.

Cohesive Research: A detailed report should be prepared on daily/weekly basis about the number of visitors, their time duration on your web pages and number of clicks made to important links. By analyzing these reports, you can determine if changes to your site need to be implemented.

A qualitative Analysis: A good web design should undergo a cross browser compatibility check to ensure that it supports all types of browsers by displaying information in a user friendly way.

A good web design company can create the entire website for you, starting with an effective web design. You just need to provide them with details about your business specifications and expectations, then they will do the rest for you in an efficient manner which is both time as well as cost effective. A good web Design Company should possess state of the art technology with a proven track record in this field.

Web Templates Aimed to Exterminate the Web Designers?

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Since the arrival of web design templates, there has been an unwritten haunch that plagued the Net. Many businesses and companies have turned to these templates to be aided for a less costly web design. Compared to sums which were then paid to web designers, only a diminutive portion of it is spent. Thus, it entails a great amount of savings. Nevertheless, how sure are these venturers that they are getting the precise and effective web design that they can get?

First things first, web design templates are ready-made layout or vista n design boxes for your website. Usually, it includes an original Photo Shop design. After that, it is sliced using Fireworks file. Slicing is utilized to separate the graphics from the sole image. The reason for this is to easily combine the graphics with html to produce a website. Web templates generally come in various themes and designs. They are easy to download and edit. It is believed that web templates ensure a smooth ride all along.

Recently, numerous testimonials have invaded the Net. Satisfied customers boost the advantage of choosing web templates over web designers. The ultimate reason is that it is not time-consuming. You can instantly build your web site in a couple of hours. Plus the fact that it is not exorbitant. It saves time and money. That is really amazing dual advantage! Thus, it is not surprising that many people are rushing over to the new alternative available.

But what if your expected smooth ride turned out to be a bumpy and disastrous trip? It is difficult to staunch the bleeding but it is easy to be cautious and prevent it from occurring. It takes awhile to design a web site because it must complement the company’s identity and the content of the said web site. Visitors and prospective customers are not judging the website on its empty box alone.

They are in fact looking at its entirety. Say, you already have your captivating box, nevertheless if it doesn’t blend with the content, functionality of the website and at the same time it’s hard to navigate then it is as useless as a creature without a soul! In a nutshell, a stunning web design template without engrossing content, description meta tags, fast text links and alternate navigation, will remain a stunning web template – nothing more. It will not guarantee a boost in sales nor an intensification of the business!